Taghazout Morocco Surfing

Top Surf Spots To Visit In Taghazout

Although there are some incredible surfing destinations across the world, there is something special about the beaches of the Taghazout area. As the surfing capital of Morocco, the beaches of Taghazout are a surfer’s dream. With a multitude of beach spaces for surfers to choose from, surfers come from all around the world to catch waves in this area. Before planning your trip to this hot destination, check out the best spots to surf in Taghazout.

The Most Famous Location In Taghazout Surf: Anchor Point

Anchor Point is one of the most famous surf spots in Taghazout surf, and rightfully so. The beautiful aesthetics that help create the perfect waves make this location utterly illuminating.

The best time to surf in this area is in December and January, the peak of the winter. The location experiences a spike in big swells and peak waves during this time. Although this area is in high demand, four world-class breaks within driving distance prevent the area from becoming overcrowded.

A Moroccan Surf Trip Is Not Complete Without A Trip To Banana Beach

Banana Beach is one of the best surfing spots for beginners. Its gentle waves make this Taghazout surf location perfect for taking surf lessons to hone your skills.

Another unique feature of this surfing spot is its location next to the King’s Palace. Catch a glimpse of the palace’s grounds from inside the pocket. If you are planning a surf trip, this is one of the surf spots you don’t want to miss.

Swim Amongst The Shipwreck At One Of The Top Surf Spots: Boilers

Named after the old shipwreck and ship boiler that sits in the waters of this beach, the Boilers is a fun Taghazout surf location for surfers to catch big waves. Although you are sure to have a blast, you can expect a more hectic entrance and exit on the waves. This location features powerful waves that are perfect for vertical lips.

If you are traveling with a group of friends, this location may be perfect for you. While your friends can help you to navigate the waters for a safe return to shore, you can rest assured that you will all have a blast.

A Must See On Your Surf Trip: Devil’s Rock

While this Taghazout surf location may sound frightening, you can rest assured that there is nothing scary about this surf spot. On the contrary, Devil’s Rock is actually one of the more welcoming locations with a variety of beach facilities. Visitors can head over to the legendary sand bar to enjoy the Devil’s Rock great atmosphere. Located on the other side of Banana Beach, this spot is a great place for both beginners and more experienced surfers.

The Most Challenging Spot In Taghazout Surf: Draculas

As one of the more challenging surfing spots in Morocco, this location truly lives up to its name. With vampire teeth-shaped rocks and roaring waters, this area is not for the inexperienced surfer or the faint at heart. Its fast and pushy waters can take an experienced surfer out.

One Of The Treasurable Taghazout Surf Spots: Imsouane

If you have never heard of Imsouane, it is probably because it is one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Located more than an hour away from Taghazout, this spot is home to the longest wave in the country that offers surfing all year round. If you are looking for a more scenic surf, you may want to consider taking the drive to this route. Its vast waters offer solitude and oneness with nature that is unmatched.

One Of The Top Surf Spots For Intermediate Surfers: Killer Point

Named after the school of Killer Whales that frequent the area in the summer months, this location is one of the most consistent and best surf spots recommended for experienced surfers. As the local’s favorite, this beach location is more popular for advanced surfers.

Killer Point is also cherished for the amazing sunsets that illuminate the sky. If you think you can handle the waves, don’t forget to visit this beautiful beach on your trip.

A Beginner-Friendly Surf Spot: La Source

If you are an intermediate surfer, you may want to check out the La Source surf spot. This location features the perfect playful waves for beginners to practice their footing. As one of the beginner-friendly surf spots in the area, you may also find surf camps along the beach. With their guidance, you may be ready to move onto one of the intermediate surf spots in no time.

A Top Central Taghazout Surf Location: Panoramas

Panoramas is one of the most easily accessible Taghazout surf spots as it is centered in the location. Panoramas is another perfect location for beginners to test the waters and hone their skills. However, it also has space for more seasoned surfers. As one of the most versatile surf spots, Panoramas is a favorite on the list.

Surf Camps In The Taghazout Area

The variety of surf spots is only half of the reason Taghazout is the surfing capital of the country. In addition to having a variety of locations for surfers to enjoy, it also attracts people who do not know how to surf and are interested in learning through its variety of surf camps.

Beginners that are visiting the Taghazout area can look to guidance from surf camps to develop their surfing skills. Now that you are more familiar with the Taghazout Morocco surfing, you may want to consider planning your trip to ensure you don’t miss out on any of these wonderful locations. You can also look to tour guides to visit the popular locations you like. Schedule your novice or intermediate all-inclusive tour with us today.