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  • Best Surf Beaches in Africa

  • Mix A Surf Adventure and Cultural Richness


With a surf safari tailored just for you, you will get to surf Morocco's most beautiful waves and take in the country's culture. You could even catch one of the ten best barrels on this planet at your favorite spot.

A tailor-made Surf Safari is a great way to go surfing Moroccan waves, enjoy the countryside and take in some of delicious cuisine whilst travelling alone, with family or friends – solo travelers will also be catered for upon request. A guaranteed peak experience for all!

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1-14 Days
Group Size
Up to 20
Price starts at
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Shuttle service back to the Airport or wherever required

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Why take this tour?

Exotic and exhilarating, let the sights, sounds and smells wash over you as Africa meets Arabia in Morocco to challenge your perceptions while surfing its Atlantic waves. We will meet you at the airport with a safety escort then take you safely to our accommodation for drinks and appetizers before we get ready for check-in where your surf guide outlines what this week onshore entails: surfing Morocco's awesome breaks or relaxing yoga sessions? The choice is yours! Our staff includes pro guides, exercise physiologists who'll help keep up those biceps after each session break; security personnel are also available if necessary. You can capture it all with photo/video professionals capturing every moment of fun off dry land too.

A tailor made surf safari, is a great way to surf Moroccan waves and take in the beauty of Morocco, its culture and cuisine.

You will surf the best waves in Morocco, be guided by the best surf guides, stay in specially selected accommodation, and be transported safely in our fleet of luxury air-conditioned vehicles. And it could be that you will get to surf one of the ten best barrels that exists on this planet.

Custom-Made just for You

Personalized trips are always in high demand at Surf Morocco.Fun. Our exceptional guides are in high demand for solo travelers, couples, families, and private groups. Going with a guide is both cost effective and enables you to get more out of your precious holiday time. Our tailor-made trips are one of our best-selling programs so booking well in advance is not only prudent it is necessary.

Our guides have the very best education and training as well they are have extensive experience, these descriptors have been used by our client in their reviews: Surf Morocco.Fun guides are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, fun-loving, enthusiastic, have a great sense of humor, quick-thinking, intuitive, dynamic, active, decisive, professional, poised, motivated, empathetic, authentic, hardworking, inexhaustible, creative, flexible, and inspirational.

We have created and led hundreds of memorable tailor-made surf holidays along Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. Contact us today and begin the process of creating a completely unique holiday for you or your family.


The din of bustling markets with heightened intertwined aromas of Arabia, France, Spain, and Africa – Morocco springs to life right before your eyes. With it’s dizzying diversity, of epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts, crashing Atlantic Surf – and a delightfully warm hospitality. Virtually in Europe but at the same time exotically afar.

Surf Safari Accommodation

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house, often with two or more stories around an Andalusian-style courtyard centered around a fountain. Moroccan houses were inward focused, which allowed for family privacy. This inward focus was expressed with a centrally placed interior garden or courtyard, and the lack of large windows on the exterior walls of rammed earth or mud brick. This design principle also found support in the social mores of Islamic society, which placed great value on privacy and encouraged a separation between private family spaces semi-public spaces where outside guests were received. The central gardens of traditional riads were often planted with fruit trees such as orange trees or lemon trees.

The term comes from the Arab word ‘ryad’ (meaning ‘garden’) but is applied to townhouses built around an inner courtyard or garden. True riads will have lush plants in four planting beds and a central fountain, but many variations exist. Some even have a swimming pool. The windows of each room face into the courtyard in line with the Islamic idea of privacy and inward reflection. What is more, this clever design helps to keep the air cool and comfortable, particularly during hot Moroccan summers.

The Food

Our chefs are some of the best in Morocco and serve up delicious meals to keep you fueled up so that you get the most out of your surfing.

Moroccan cuisine is a potent blend of Arab, Berber, Moorish, French, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean African, Iberian, and Jewish influences. Entrées frequently feature dried and fresh fruits – apricots, dates, figs, and raisins, to name a few. Nuts are popular too with pine nuts, almonds, and pistachios showing up in all sorts of dishes. Morocco has imported spices for thousands of years, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, ginger, pepper, paprika, saffron, aniseed, sesame seed and coriander are staples in Moroccan cuisine along with prominent herbs like coriander leaf, parsley, and mint. When thinking of Moroccan fare, delicious aromatic entrées come to mind, like the savory lamb and apricot or beef with prunes and almonds tajines. Traditional Moroccan tajines are cooked using a method unique to North Africa.


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  • Accomodations

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  • Equipment


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  • Gratuities

Things to know

What you can expect to learn

• Oceanics – when is the best time to surf
• Understanding wave mechanics: how the wind, tide, swell, currents interact and affect waves
• Reading tide charts and swell forecasts
• Understanding waves, the ones to catch and the ones to avoid
• How to paddle out, overcome waves, navigate the surf & join line up
• First steps on timing and take off with small green waves
• Basic front, back, and side turns
• trimming on the face of a wave, riding across waves
• catching unbroken waves
• How to position yourself in the lineup
• Etiquette and safety
• Physical conditioning and strength training for better surfing

Airport Transfers

All our Surf Trips and Camps include airport transfers, eliminating to stress of getting to and from the airport. A trip coordinator will email with all the specifics as soon as your booking is completed and registered by our office.


The price of a Surf Morocco.Fun camp is based on all participants completing and signing Surf Morocco.Fun’s camp paperwork. Therefore, it is required that all participants sign and submit their camp paperwork no later than 7 days after the completion of their registration.

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