Transitional Surf Camp in Taghazout

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  • Take Your Surfing to the Next Level

  • Qualified and Certified Instructors

  • World-Class Surf Destinations


Perfect for surfers who want to take their surfing to the next level, this transitional surf camp is located in a chilled-out surfer’s paradise of Taghazout, full of surf banter, cafés, local stores, and restaurants serving traditional Moroccan cuisine.  Enjoy learning surfing on un-crowded beaches with consistent surf and beach breaks during the day from world-class instructors. From accommodations, food, equipment, and more, everything has been carefully considered.

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5 Days
Group Size
Up to 20
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Why take this tour?


Once only a sleepy fishing village perched on the North African Atlantic coast that came alive each winter with the sound of pounding pointbreaks. Today it is a chilled-out surfer’s paradise that is full surf banter, cafés, local stores, and restaurants serving traditional Moroccan cuisine. A gorgeous place rich in Arabic culture.

The long expanse of beach with a headland to the north that offers shelter and can be a fantastic place to spend the day, relaxing in the shade while gazing and the magnificent views. Taghazout is surf, surf, and more surf, Morocco’s premium surfing destination.

Taghazout – Moroccan Surf Mecca

Taghazout and vicinity is dotted with world-class breaks. They are generally consistent, even when there is not sizeable swell in the water. These are some of the most notable:

Anchor Point – a delicious right point break that looks easier than you think
Killer Point – a powerful wave. Which is higher than you think
La Source – a performance wave, only a little less tall and powerful then Killer Point
Mysteries – located directly next to La Source, with the waves breaking partly on sand, making them more relaxed
Hash Point – one of the most relaxed waves
Panoramas – could reasonably have some flow. But also runs a nice long right
Devil’s Rock – a tough name for a break, everyday can be different with right and lefts; mostly right
Banana Beach – the best beginner beach in Taghazout
Dracs – if you get a wave at Dracs it will likely be the best waves of your life. Razor-sharp rocks line the entry/exit route, so you will need booties and impeccable timing. When big northerly swells bombard the coastline, surfers score the longest barrels they have ever seen
Boilers – a point more exposed than Anchors; will likely be breaking when Anchors or Dracs are not. It is a tricky wave to sur. A fun wave but it bends out to sea in the most frustrating way


Morocco, known as the “Western Kingdom” spreads over 2,300 km in length. Morocco, boasts a vast coastline, exposed to all the Atlantic movements making it an attractive destination for surfers of the world, with excellent surfing conditions, countless surf spots and the enchanted and special atmosphere created by combining desert and magical weather, warm & friendly people, exotic aromas, and extraordinary sights.

The southern coastal strip of Morocco spreads for more than 600 km; is characterized by countless waves of all kinds and are suitable for all levels. From long right points, to reef and sand breaks, you can always surf your favorite wave. The Moroccan coast boasts copious options just short drive from quaint surf towns leading you to high quality, empty waves.

The desert weather in Morocco, is inviting and calm throughout the year, during the day it is warm and pleasant, and at nights it is cool. The average water temperature ranges from 17-23 degrees, so a 3/3-mm-thick suit will serve you well.


  • Airport transfers and beach transport

  • Accommodation (single rooms are available)

  • Meals

  • Surf boards and wetsuits

  • All seminars, sessions, & even private sessions

  • Photography & Videography

  • Personal Security

  • Cultural Outings


  • Souvenirs

  • Food outside of meals

Things to know

What you can expect to learn

• Oceanics – when is the best time to surf
• Understanding wave mechanics: how the wind, tide, swell, currents interact and affect waves
• Reading tide charts and swell forecasts
• Understanding waves, the ones to catch and the ones to avoid
• How to paddle out, overcome waves, navigate the surf & join line up
• First steps on timing and take off with small green waves
• Basic front, back, and side turns
• trimming on the face of a wave, riding across waves
• catching unbroken waves
• How to position yourself in the lineup
• Etiquette and safety
• Physical conditioning and strength training for better surfing

Airport Transfers

All our Surf Trips and Camps include airport transfers, eliminating to stress of getting to and from the airport. A trip coordinator will email with all the specifics as soon as your booking is completed and registered by our office.


The price of a Surf Morocco.Fun camp is based on all participants completing and signing Surf Morocco.Fun’s camp paperwork. Therefore, it is required that all participants sign and submit their camp paperwork no later than 7 days after the completion of their registration.

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