Sand, Sun and Surf Tour: Dakhla

Trip Highlights

  • See the best of Morocco

  • World-class surfing destinations and instructors

  • All-inclusive and thoroughly planned, put your worries away


Sands, Sun & Surf Adventure – Surf Morocco’ s Western Sahara Surf Trip is a bucket list trip for all, surfers and non-surfers alike! You'll be exposed to the best Morocco has to offer, from unparalleled surf beaches to unique cultural experiences and inland excursions.  You don't want to pass this up

Tour info

8 Days
Group Size
Up to 20
Price starts at

Why take this tour?

Sample itinerary on a given day could look like the following:

  • 08.00 Yoga
  • 09.00 Breakfast
  • 09.00 Head out for the style of wave that you want to surf
  • Free surf with a pro-surf guide all day
  • Lunch at the surf whenever you want to come in for a break
  • 17.00 Pack up and return to our Riad
  • 17.30 Yoga
  • 19:00 Aperitif
  • 19.30 Supper

Location: Dakhla

Perched just above the tropic (tropic of cancer) where the sands of the Sahara meet the Atlantic Ocean. Here, on a sliver of a peninsula, the Rio de Oro Peninsula in Western Sahara lays the pearl of the sands.

Western Sahara and Dakhla have hosted Berbers for over 10 centuries. Spanish seamen in search of riches from the sea seized claim to the area in the 16th century, known as Spanish Sahara, Dakhla still today is draped with Spanish influence.

This little slice of paradise nestled between the waters of the Atlantic and the sands of the Sahara. Is a wonderland of sun sand and surf, where kilometres of beaches stretch from one side of the town to the other. Where the intense Saharan heat propels a sleepy, lazy lifestyle during the day; after dark comes alive with festive, lively cafes.

Dakhla’s Rio de Oro Peninsula is far from the crowds and is yet not truly discovered. In winter, Dakhla delivers numerous world class waves.

Dakhla’s 10 best surf spots

Oum Lamboiur is located on the ocean side of the peninsula, delivering great waves from nice swells that bring 1-2 meters waves that form barrels. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to surf in the world and is famous for hosting world surfing championships. Ride 1-minute-long waves that leave you speechless!

Arish is small traditional fisherman village just north to the North where 50-meter-high cliffs shelter the point from wind making for ideal surfing. This spot has endless right-handers starting with 8 second intervals winter, or summer.

La Sarga boasts the longest right handers in Africa, over 1 km in length, at 1300 meters this offers rides of up to for 2-minutes.

Picahua & Zebela offers amazing right handers with constant barrels.

Jail Point gives you both left and right handers, power, and fast waves, at 6 second periods even at low tide.

Dragon an amazing left hander that produces the occasional long, huge barrel.

Punta Negra is always pumping even with no swell and gives you 7 perfect lefts and 4 right handers that all come with barrels.

Playa Jera is a world class wave spot with 8 left handers even when the swell is small.

Jorf el Hmam is a beautiful long beach with multiple spots the produce both rights and lefts.

Pointe De l’Or was a great beach break, however due to the excessive sand extraction it is not great for surfing anymore but can offer good conditions for strapless kitesurfing.


Morocco, known as the “Western Kingdom” spreads over 2,300 km in length. Morocco, boasts a vast coastline, exposed to all the Atlantic movements making it an attractive destination for surfers of the world, with excellent surfing conditions, countless surf spots and the enchanted and special atmosphere created by combining desert and magical weather, warm & friendly people, exotic aromas, and extraordinary sights.

The southern coastal strip of Morocco spreads for more than 600 km; is characterized by countless waves of all kinds and are suitable for all levels. From long right points, to reef and sand breaks, you can always surf your favorite wave. The Moroccan coast boasts copious options just short drive from quaint surf towns leading you to high quality, empty waves.

The desert weather in Morocco, is inviting and calm throughout the year, during the day it is warm and pleasant, and at nights it is cool. The average water temperature ranges from 17-23 degrees, so a 3/3-mm-thick suit will serve you well.


  • Airport transfers and beach transport

  • Accommodation (single rooms are available)

  • Meals

  • Surf boards and wetsuits

  • All seminars, sessions, & even private sessions

  • Photography & Videography

  • Personal Security

  • Cultural Outings


  • Souvenirs

  • Food outside of meals

Things to know

What you can expect to learn

• Oceanics – when is the best time to surf
• Understanding wave mechanics: how the wind, tide, swell, currents interact and affect waves
• Reading tide charts and swell forecasts
• Understanding waves, the ones to catch and the ones to avoid
• How to paddle out, overcome waves, navigate the surf & join line up
• First steps on timing and take off with small green waves
• Basic front, back, and side turns
• trimming on the face of a wave, riding across waves
• catching unbroken waves
• How to position yourself in the lineup
• Etiquette and safety
• Physical conditioning and strength training for better surfing

Airport Transfers

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