Innovative and Exhilarating Surf Camps

Surf Morocco.Fun launched January 15th of 2021 and is excited to welcome the world to innovative and exhilarating surf camps and trips starting in 2021.   The Western Coast of Africa's hidden jewel offers pristine beaches and an amazing culture. With surf camps and lessons every day on some spectacular waves for beginners through advanced levels, to exploring the Sahara Desert by camelback while searching out secret spots where only locals go - you will not get bored here!


Something Needed to Change

Having spent the past 36 years as a leading member of the outdoor adventure travel industry; having traveled and adventured extensively around the globe, I have seen the need first-hand and experienced the need and desire for a new approach to travel, adventure, and experiencing the outdoors.
This is was the genesis of our innovative approach to Surf Morocco.Fun

Why choose us?

Surf Lessons in Morocco With Our Certified Local Guides

You've seen the surfing videos. Now it's your turn to get out there and do it! Our surf camp program is for all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Each day you will build on the skills you have already learned instead of starting from scratch each time. Our world-class, certified guide team takes you where the locals go to provide an unforgettable experience.


From the thoroughness of the teachers to the itinerary and accommodations, we've done the planning to ensure that you have a top-notch experience.  Get thorough attention from your instructors day after day and rest easy, knowing that the next day you'll be building onto learnings from before with the same instructor, not starting from scratch.


We have combined ancient Moroccan culture with modern surf-camping to provide an unforgettable adventure. You will learn about local life — spending time with locals in schools, listening to their music, or carving out your own path of discovery through Morocco's huge variety of shops and markets.


If all levels of surfing aren't enough adventure for you, the local geography offers even more ways to satisfy that desire.  From camel riding in the Sahara, boarding down sand dunes, and biking through the cities and countryside, Surf Morocco truly has it all.


Morocco Africa's Hidden Jewel

Morocco, known as the “Western Kingdom” spreads over 2,300 km in length. Morocco, boasts a vast coastline, exposed to all the Atlantic movements making it an attractive destination for surfers of the world, with excellent surfing conditions, countless surf spots and the enchanted and special atmosphere created by combining desert and magical weather, warm & friendly people, exotic aromas, and extraordinary sights.

The southern coastal strip of Morocco spreads for more than 600 km; is characterized by countless waves of all kinds and are suitable for all levels. From long right points, to reef and sand breaks, you can always surf your favorite wave. The Moroccan coast boasts copious options just short drive from quaint surf towns leading you to high quality, empty waves.

Adventure Awaits.

Take Your Surfing to the Next Level in Morocco