Morocco Surf Trips

Morocco attracts more and more surfers each year, but you should prepare for crowd-stepping. The great year-round weather and size of the waves attract serious surfers from around the world. You probably don’t picture camels and surfing together, but they’re commonplace in Morocco surfing holidays.

The very best of surf Morocco spots are only available by camel, so be forewarned. However, we love seeking out hidden treasures, secret spots, and pristine beaches without the madding crowds. Our tours focus on the less-traveled areas for movie and intermediate surfers who want to learn new techniques in a safe, supportive environment. Our clients can expect to learn from experienced local guides, enjoy gourmet Moroccan cuisine, and surf Morocco on the sickest beaches.

Overview Of The Best Surfing In Morocco

If you’re looking for an off-the-hook adventure, surf Morocco has it all – the best beaches, special surf Morocco trips, challenging waves, and ideal weather conditions, especially in winter. The most popular beaches are near major cities like Rabat, Agadir, and Essaouira, and renting a car makes it possible to go anywhere along the Atlantic Ocean coast. Some of the best surf conditions where the waves are always cranking include the following destinations.

1. Surf’s Up In Safi

A surf trip to Safi brings access to astonishing waves that break up to 500 meters and run up to 5 meters high. The little town of Safi attracts surfing pros from around the world.

The city is located two-and-a-half hours south of Casablanca and two hours north of Essaouira. Just follow the coast until you reach the factory at Safi where you immediately have access to a reef of right-handers. You’ll enjoy and appreciate the barrels and big faces for their challenges of your skill. The locals are friendly to share the surf, and making friends can result in them sharing secret surfing spots farther down the winding, beautiful coast.

2. Surfing In Essaouira

Essaouira is a beautiful city that receives strong sirocco winds off the Sahara, which makes it the perfect venue for kitesurfing. You can learn the ins and outs of kitesurfing, rent equipment cheaply, and get started by body dragging, standing in the water without a board, and allowing the wind to pull you along. Essaouira is known for its wind-battered spots, golden stretch of beach, point breaks, and beach breaks. You can also find beginner waves in winter.

Essaouira itself remains guarded by a 16th-century fort, and it features surf schools, surf camps, surf lessons, board schools, and surf shops. It also features a steady stream of tourists riding camels along the beach as the best way to travel to busy or secret spots recommended by your guide.

3. Rabat: Best Morocco Surf Adventure for Beginners

Rabat is a popular beach town in northern Morocco that’s ideal for beginners and college travelers who enjoy crowds of young people. The surfing option includes open beach breaks to water fiercely fed by the river Bou Regreg for great left-hander surfing. All surfing levels are available close by the river for surfers of variable skills, and it’s an ideal choice for attempting the next level of waves to improve your skill. Surf lessons and surf camps are easy to find, but the river mouth gets crowded for those wanting to practice without a big audience.

4. Taghazout Surfing

Advanced surfers from all over the world come to Taghazout Bay by plane, automobile, boat and camel to enjoy one of the world’s best surfing spots. You can find 20 of the best world-class waves within a 15-minute drive. You can also drop off any inexperienced surfers at a surf camp in nearby Tamraght and Aourir. You can also find surf camps in Taghazout, but the waves aren’t as mild.

Taghazout is known for its right-handed breaks that rank as some of the best in the world. Diehard surfers looking for surf adventure can paddle out to challenge waves known as the fast barreling killers. You can also find beach breaks, point breaks, and secret spots up and down the coast. Hash Point is a great choice for surfers who are inexperienced with rocky breaks but want to try a right-hander. You can find point breaks for all skill levels, and the city offers modern and ethnic restaurants, world-class shopping, and breathtaking beaches for family members who aren’t rabid fans of surf adventure.

5. Surf Guiding in Tamraght and Aourir

Surfing is great in the bigger cities and smaller towns of Morocco from October through April. In southern Morocco, the small surfing towns of Aourir and Tamraght are great for beginner surfers because of smaller waves, multiple surf camps, surf guiding, and Banana Beach, the informal name of an area shaped like a banana with banana plantations. Located just 10 minutes south of Taghazout, it’s a perfect way to kill three birds with one stone on your surf trip.

6. Tamri Surfing

Tamari Beach enjoys some of the most consistent waves in Morocco, and every surfer has experienced disappointment at one time or another. Tamari never disappoints with its great waves, stunning cliffs that ring the beach, and spectacular views uncommon in Morocco because most of the country is flat. The area enjoys almost a constant push against the beach, and the area delights surf visitors because it’s the natural habitat of camels and flamingos. Most surfers enjoy the consistency of the waves, but advanced surfers can take their chances off the sand in front of the cliffs where you can find great left-handers.

7. Imsouane: Finding a Hidden Jewel

Imsouane is growing increasingly popular among surfers because it features Morocco’s longest wave. What respectable surfer would want to miss that? The city features two popular surf spots, and the historic fishing town offers charming scenery and a laid-back atmosphere custom-made for surfers.

The two primary surf spots are called The Cathedral and The Bay. The Cathedral offers beach break, point break, and reef waves while The Bay only offers point break waves. Beginners usually choose The Bay who want to improve their skills by challenging longer waves. Those who prefer fast and low waves choose The Cathedral, which offers both left-handers and right-handers. Boasting the longest wave in the country, Imsouane is a favorite choice of intermediate and advanced-level surfers.

Benefits of Morocco’s Long Coastline

Morocco boasts a 1,835-kilometer coastline with ideal conditions for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfing. There are many big cities close to surfing spots, but we recommend finding the hidden spots with our expert guides and knowledge of surf conditions.