Surf Trip Morocco

It’s surf season in Morocco. All you need to do is grab a few friends, buy a plane ticket to Morocco, and figure out the rest later, right?

While some destinations are good for figuring things out once you arrive, Morocco is a country that is best visited with a plan.

1. Transportation And Avoiding The Touts

Most international flights will land at Casablanca or Marrakech airport. From there, fly to Agadir, which is closer to your surf camp. There are cheaper options to get to Agadir, by bus or train, but that will take a lot longer.

Once you arrive at the airport, have a driver ready to meet you. For foreign travel, it is always best to book your airport transfers ahead of time. Travel is stressful enough. Take some of the stress out of the equation by hiring a driver to be waiting for you. You will be able to bypass all the touts shouting in your direction.

Our custom, tailor-made surf trips always include a safety escort to meet you at the airport. You, and your friends, will be safely escorted to your accommodations in one of our luxury air-conditioned vehicles.

We also provide beach transfer services, escorted by our personal security staff. Morocco is a safe country, but we take extra precautions and provide a personal security staff (bodyguard) to sit quietly in the background and accompany you. We don’t want you to worry about your personal safety or the security of your belongings. We want you to relax and have a great time!

2. Where To Stay For Local Culture

Immerse yourself in the culture of Morocco by staying where the locals do, in a riad. This traditional Moroccan house has a courtyard or garden in the center. The courtyard is made up of beautiful tiles, plants, and water features. Many riads have been converted into guest houses that welcome travelers from around the world.

We arrange for guests on our custom-made surf safaris to stay in a local riad, specially chosen by us, to get that unique local experience.

3. The Best Part Of Any Trip Has Got To Be – The Food!

Moroccan cuisine is a blend of the best cooking styles from Arab, Berber, Moorish, French, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean African, Iberian, and Jewish influences.

Many meals are cooked in a Moroccan tajine. Once you’ve tasted the aromatic mix of vegetables, spices, and meat that has been cooked in a tagine, you’ll want to take one home to use in your own kitchen. Not to worry, we can show you the best place to buy a tajine for yourself!

Meals are included with our tailor-made surf trips, and our chefs are some of the best in Morocco. Each day, you’ll be served the delicious food that Morocco is so well known for. We are happy to provide tasty vegan options as well.

4. Stay Hydrated In The Dry Desert Atmosphere

Pack a refillable water bottle to bring with you, but only refill it from the tap if you are sure the water has been treated for bacteria. Not all tap water will agree with western stomachs, and it may cause typical travelers intestinal issues.

5. Traveling With Sports Equipment

You may have a favorite board you bought from one of your local surf shops, but there is a high price involved in traveling with your sports equipment. The fee to check in your surfboard will be $100-$150 for each flight. That is in addition to what you will pay for a good bag to carry it in.

Leave your equipment at home, and let us take care of you. We’ll set you up with surfboards, wetsuits, and surf coaching to match your experience level.

Surf School With Experienced Surfers

Many people come to Morocco to learn how to surf or learn to surf better. The long Moroccan coastline and the perfect waves make this an excellent area for surfing. Add to that an exotic culture, great food, and friendly people, and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing trip.

There are many surf schools to choose from. The question then is, how do you pick one?

  • Look for a surf school that will take care of you from arrival until departure.
  • Work with experienced surfers as certified guides, who know the best surf spots.
  • Find a package that includes ground transportation, accommodations, food, and equipment.

Surf Morocco Has 35 Years Of Experience In Outdoor Adventure Travel

Our certified guides have massive experience surfing in Morocco. We work closely with you to plan a surf trip in Morocco that is exhilarating and fun with no safety concerns.

What You Can Expect To Learn From Our Surf Lessons?

  • When is the best time to surf
  • Understanding wave mechanics
  • Read tide charts and swell forecasts
  • Understanding waves and reef ledges
  • How to paddle out
  • Timing and take off with small green waves
  • Basic turns front, back, and sideways
  • Trimming on the face of a wave, riding across waves
  • Catching unbroken waves
  • How to position yourself in the lineup
  • Etiquette and safety
  • Physical conditioning and strength training for better surfing
  • Learn more about the exotic Moroccan culture

We Take Care Of The Details, So All You Need To Do Is Show Up And Have Fun!
Call us, or go online, to ask about our tailor-made surf trips in Morocco today!