When To Surf Morocco

Let’s go to Morocco! Whether that statement has been made after a few too many pints one night, or it’s a well-thought-out declaration, surfing in Morocco is always a good idea.

While you can find great waves in places like Hawaii’s famed Waimea Bay, what you’ll find here are great open spaces, a unique culture, fantastic food, and friendly people with a passion for sharing their country.

Besides all that, you’ll never see a camel running down the beach in Hawaii! Surfing in Morocco provides that along with a fragrant tagine dinner and so much more.

The Question Then Is: When To Surf Morocco?

Thanks to its location along the Atlantic coast, with consistent waves, Morocco is truly a year-round surf destination. However, if you are looking for some truly exciting waves, the best surf season is during autumn and winter. While October through April is the height of the wave season, the waves start to fire at the beginning of September, giving us another month.

Surf camps come to life during the winter months, with surfers seeking out the best wave. No matter your skill level, you can find the perfect surf spots for you.

The Search For The Best Surf Spots For Epic Swells Is Real

For a beginner, it is possible to start at square one and learn surfing in Morocco. For advanced surfers, you will find swells you’ll never forget. In between all that, you’ll eat delicious food and meet great people with a similar love for outdoor adventure.

If your travel schedule is limited to the summer months, it’s best to hire a guide to ensure that you have an amazing surf trip. A local guide with in-depth knowledge of the best surf spots will get you out to the best summer waves in North Africa. We have excellent Moroccan discovery trips that combine active exploring with glorious summer days of surfing.

Chasing 70 Degrees

During the mild winter months, temps in the area of Essaouira bay average a low of 55 F and an average high of 67 F. Further south, in the Taghazout area, you’ll find an average low temperate of 54 F and an average high of 70 F – just about perfect!

Immerse yourself in the culture of Morocco by spending some time in the small towns and villages. If you are staying at one of the surf camps in the Taghazout area, take a day trip out Paradise Valley on the Tamraght River. The milder temperatures in the winter months provide the perfect opportunity for short hikes in the area.

Getting Off The Well Worn Path

All good trips to Morocco should include exploring the Sahara Desert by camelback. Our experienced local guides are intimately familiar with the area. They know all the secret spots where only the locals go. We can even get you out to a few surf spots that are only accessible by camel!

With over 35 years of outdoor travel experience, we can put together a safe, all-inclusive trip that is perfect for you. Our daily lessons get you out there on the best waves for all skill levels.

No matter what time of the year you come to Morocco, we will take good care of you. Our knowledgeable surf instructors will give you the personalized time and attention you need. Each day, your instructor will build on what you learned the day before so that no two days are alike.

Making The Most Of Your Travel Time

We get it. Your vacation time is precious. Don’t waste it trying to figure out the best places to go, looking for someplace to stay, and wondering where you should eat (and what exactly is THAT on my plate!)

Let us take care of the details. This is not a bells and whistles type of trip. But it’s a trip to an exotic destination, with friendly people who really want to help you, but they speak very little English. As with all great explorations – it’s what you don’t know that can get you into trouble.

That’s where we come in. We are your local contact. If there is one thing we know really well, it’s surfing in Morocco. Whether you are looking for an epic trip to Essaouira, time in the Taghazout area, a trip to Agadir, or anywhere else along the breathtaking coast of Morocco, that’s what we do. Our all-inclusive trips are safe, fun, and a little bit different.

Go online or call us today. It’s time to go to Morocco!